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Master Thesis Proposals in Software Engineering

Several master thesis proposals are available in different areas.

Open source (contact Alma Orucevic-Alagic):

  1. Network Analysis of Apache Software Foundation Source Code Repositories (link to complete specification
  2. Testing of open source software (community perspective)
  3. Testing of open source software (company/user perspective)
  4. Applicability of an open source development technique/process in commercial software organisations


  1. New Arena Information Boards  

Software testing (contact Per Runeson, Emelie Engström):

  1. Test tools evaluation at Systemverification (link to complete specification)
  2. Measurement program for testing at Systemverification (link to complete specification)
  3. Evaluate the strategies used for regression testing: 
    What activities are available?
    What are the effects of these activities on the quality of the system
  4. In the context of automated regression testing, observe the regression testing process: 
    How is testing automated?
    What can be automated?
    How can we automate?
  5. Visualisation of regression test coverage:
    How can regression test coverage of a system be visualized?

Requirements engineering/management (contact Björn Regnell, Krzysztof Wnuk):

  1. Scalability of Requirements Engineering tools and techniques (link to complete specification)
  2. The role of stakeholder inertia in the Software Product Innovation Process (link to complete specification)

Process modeling (contact Martin Höst)

  1. Modeling Knowledge in Software Projects (link to specification)

Software development practice (contact Elizabeth Bjarnason)

  1. Visualization techniques and tools for improved team collaboration (link to complete specification)
  2. Exploring the role of personality traits and other softer aspects in software development practice