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Master thesis proposal on requirements

Problem statement

Although most growing software intense companies experience significant growth of the size of their requirements databases, which challenges the scalability of the current requirements management practice, there seems to be no attention devoted to understanding when requirements gets obsolete and how to eliminate these elements from requirements databases. To goal of this thesis is to design, implement and evaluate a requirements garbage collection method that can perform an efficient clean up of large requirements databases.

What you have to do:

·       Analyze the current state of art in memory management in programming languages

·        Understand the process of creating obsolete requirements

·        Design a scalable method to perform requirements garbage collection

·       Test it and report findings.


Familiarity with software engineering concepts. Some familiarity with requirements engineering concepts (preferably taking the requirements engineering course). Programming skills and will to develop a software solution.



1. M. Hertz, E. Berger, “Quantifying the performance of garbage collection vs. Explicit memory management”.

2. B. Regnell, R. Berntsson-Svensson and K. Wnuk ”Can We Beat the Complexity of Very-Large Scale Requirements Engineering?”