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Non-functional requirements have been identified as an important and challenging area. A number of important needs are evident with respect to quality aspects on system level. The ability to make early estimates with adequate accuracy of e.g. performance reliability and usability as input to decision making within project scoping is critical to the success of mobile products. Non-functional requirements on mobile terminals are often global with complex inter-dependencies. In particular, trade-off analysis among different types of non-functional requirements is difficult. The objective is to develop efficient methods for early analysis and specification of non-functional properties and quality aspects of mobile terminals. The objective is realized through surveys, method development and pilot studies, with both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

A major result of the on-going MARS project is the QUPER-model for NFR roadmapping in platform requirements engineering. QUPER is currently being deployed at Sony Ericsson within several Technology Working Groups.

This project is funded via "Branchforskningsprogrammet Telecom" by VINNOVA and Sony Ericsson. The project is associated with EASE Theme D due to expected synergies.

Contact: Björn Regnell