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Master and Bachelor theses

Master thesis can be conducted at the department or as a joint venture between the research group and an industrial partner, where the Master thesis proposal comes from the researchers.

The first type is aimed at research projects, and the second type is targeted towards technology transfer. The latter means that a researcher at the department has formulated a thesis proposal where the objective is to through a Master thesis transfer research results from the research group to an industrial partner.


  • Students who want to perform their Master or Bachelor thesis in software engineering.
  • Industrial partners who want to benefit from a close contact with the research environment at the university.

Theses Area

  • General software engineering
  • Theses focused upon methods, processes and architectures

Examples of areas

  • Requirements engineering
  • Software metrics
  • Process improvement
  • Software quality
  • Verification and validation
  • Experience factory
  • The Personal Software Process (PSP)
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Technology Management


More info

See Computer Science thesis information page (in Swedish) or contact Lennart Andersson (theses coordinator)