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Requirements Engineering

Requirements engineering deals with the problem of pinpointing and understanding informal ideas and beliefs about a desired system and turning this understanding into formal statements that can be used later on in the development process.
Requirements engineering aims at (1) understanding the problem that the intended system is supposed to solve, and (2) selecting and documenting the requirements on the system and its development.

Research focus

  • Requirements engineering in relation to verification and validation: Methods for integrating requirements and test specifications.
  • Large-scale requirements engineering, modelling and visualization
  • Modelling and roadmapping of Quality Requirements (aka Non-Functional Requirements)
  • Market-driven requirements engineering: Analysis and improvement of the RE process.
  • Decision support. Visualization support to requirements prioritization.  Automation support for decision-makers within RE, based on natural language processing


The main objective is to provide methods and models for requirements engineering, which are suited for V&V as well, and to empirically evaluate the results.


Some of the research results have been evaluated through pilot studies and case studies. Some research results are applied in industrial practice in large companies.