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Computer Science | Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Software Process Quality

The research is aimed at methods and techniques to understand, control and improve how software is developed. This includes all aspects related to the software process, for example, development time, productivity, and quality. The intention is to develop new methods and techniques that can support software development organizations in their aim to have a better software process. The underlying assumption of the research is that the quality of the process impacts the quality of the software product, and thus it is important to understand the relationship between the process and the product.

The following areas are of special interest:

  • Open source in software development - both how open source components can be included and how traditional software can be transformed to open source
  • Software development for medical devices - with a focus on risk management
  • Simulation of software development processes - analysis of how this kind of models are build, and how they can be used for analysis, understanding, communication, and training
  • Dependable IT systems - with a focus on the relation between crisis management and IT management in governmental organizations

For more information contact Martin Höst.