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A SPI method for assessing and improving on RET alignment through increasing the integration of RE with testing. Gap Finder consists of a measurement instrument (generic and tailored version below) and a theoretical framework (Gap Model). Gaps are identified by assessing various RE distances. Practices for addressing these gaps are then derived by consulting the Gap Model.

The method has been applied and evaluated through a case study of a software develpment project. The project develops in-house IS solutions for the Open University, UK. Material used in this study are provided below, including an interview guide for the initial domain knowledge gathering and the final practices survey.

User guide v 1.0

Measuring instrument

Evaluation study material



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  • E. Bjarnason, H. Sharp, B. Regnell (2013) "Gap Finder: Assessing and Improving he Integration of Requirements and Testing" Paper VI in "Integrated Requirements Engineering - Understanding and Bridging Gaps within Software Development", E. Bjarnason, Ph.D. Thesis, Lund University.