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Before aNd After study

Study of causes and effects of RE challenges before and after shifting from a phase-based to an agile development process.

Contacts: Björn Regnell, Elizabeth Bjarnason, Krzysztof Wnuk


1.    Overscoping: Reasons and Consequences – A Case Study in Decision Making in Software Product Management. In: Proc. of 4th Int. IEEE Workshop on Software Product Management, IWSPM’10, pp. 30-39. (2010)

2.    Requirements are Slipping Through the Gaps – A Case Study on Cause & Effects of Communication Gaps in Large-Scale Software Development. In: 19th IEEE Int Requirements Engineering Conf. (2011)

3.    A Case Study on Benefits and Side-Effects of Agile Practices in Large-Scale Requirements Engineering. In: Proceedings of 1st Int. Workshop on Agile RE, Lancaster, UK. (2011)

4. Are You Biting off More than You Can Chew? A Case Study on Causes and Effects of Overscoping in Large-Scale Software Engineering: In: Information and Software Technology, (2012 - in press)