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Case study on Inter-team Collaboration and Distances

We performed an exploratory case study of inter-team collaboration together with Axis Communications. The study was initiated in response to the company’s need to address the challenge of managing collaboration within their growing software development organization.

Data collection was performed at the company through interactive posters and focus groups. The interactive posters were used to assess the perceived cognitive and psychological distances between ten test teams. This quantitative data was presented and discussed at focus groups in order to gain in-depth knowledge of inter-team collaboration and factors that influence this. Finally, the full set of data was analysed whereby knowledge of collaboration factors were identified.


  • Focus group with team managers
  • Focus group with test teams

Contact person

Elizabeth Bjarnason, Department of Computer Science, Lund University


Bjarnason, E., Bern, B. G., & Svedberg, L. (2018, May). A case study of distances in a large co-located software development organisation. In 2018 IEEE/ACM 11th International Workshop on Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering (CHASE) (pp. 1-8). [url]