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Student Peer Assessment for Ing Proc 3 Course (ETSF01)

This page contains the teaching materials used to teach writing as part of the course ETSF01. Academic writing is taught as part of the project assignment.

Student-Peer Assessment (SPA) is used to stimulate active learning through peer reviewing according to a set of assessment criteria provided by the teachers. The overall SPA process is outlined here.

Teaching material used in the course includes 

- Project description including grading criteria - pdf here

- Exercise material on writing and presentation techniques (Exercise 1)

- Assessment criteria for SPA I and SPA II (Exercise 2 & 3)

The design and implementation of this approach to teaching academic writing is described in the following article:

Teaching Academic Writing to Large Classes of Engineering Students by E. Bjarnason & J. Linåker, LTH Pedagogiska Inspirations Konferens, Dec 2016.

Contact: Elizabeth Bjarnason