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Software Selection Model

The Software Selection Model is intended to provide decision support related to software component selection and guide practitioners in selecting software components by considering technical, business, and organisational aspects. The model is designed to aid and support organisations in procuring software components for their products and/or tool chains in a structured and evidence-based way. The model is applicable when a need, or an opportunity, arises to acquire new software components intended for use in an automated development set-up and/or used manually by human users. This need can be triggered either by an internal or external customer.

The model has been designed in close collaboration with Ericsson AB and is based on combining insights from interactive rapid reviews (IRR) of literature with that of practitioners. In total three design iteration were performed with IRRs of previous research on

  1. Tool selection for Software Engineering (SE), Computer-Aided SE (CASE)
  2. Tool selection for Continuous Integration and Deployment
  3. Quality assessment of candidate components

The model has been validated through a focus group at Ericsson AB:


Bjarnason, Åberg, bin Ali. Software Selection in Large-Scale Software Engineering: A Model and Criteria based on Interactive Rapid Reviews. Accepted for publication in Empirical Software Engineering Journal.