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Study: Test Cases as Requirements (TCR)

Data Collection Protocol, used in second iteration of study

Interviewee characteristics:

Role and length of experience in current role and total work experience

Main project characteristics:

Number of project members, requirements & test cases, applied process model, project context and lead time etc.

Information flow between requirements and testing: 

  • What artefacts are used, created/read/update (CRU)?
  • For each artefact: purpose, creator/user/changer
  • What links or connections are there between the artefacts?

How does the TCR practice (or the artefacts) support Lauesen’s requirements roles (# is priority order): 

  • Elicitation and validation of requirements (3)
  • Verification of requirements (1)
  • Requirements management: managing change including traceability (2)
  • Customer interaction & commitment / Contractual (4)

 For each requirements role (RR): 

  • How does TCR work in this RR? Why/Why not does it work?
  • What are the benefits and challenges when using TCR in this RR? And Why?
  • What improvements/possibilities can you think of using TCR in this RR?