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Synthesis of a Software Engineering Framework for Open Innovation through Empirical Research

A majority of the innovation within ICT is implemented in software, technically comprising elements of embedded software, sensor networks, cloud computing etc., and increasingly dependent on Open Innovation (OI), which typically, but not necessarily implemented using open source software (OSS). However, the research endeavor to evolve software engineering practices and principles are not tailored to the challenges of open innovation.

The SYNERGIES program aims at synthesizing a scientifically founded software engineering framework for open innovation, comprising methods, technology and decision support for

  • efficient development processes and practices,
  • identification and creation of needs (requirements), and
  • verification of the correct functions and properties of the products and services (software testing).

The SYNERGIES research program purports to further elaborate these empirical research practices with a special focus on replication studies, and synthesis and generalization of gained knowledge from empirical studies, generating general knowledge and theories, by doing research on software engineering for open innovation.




Professor Per Runeson, project leader

Professor Björn Regnell, supervisor

Dr. Krzysztof Wnuk, post doc

Hussan Munir, PhD student

Johan Linåker, PhD student




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