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Thesis Topics

A thesis in the SERG group typical investigates an aspect of the software engineering life cycle (requirements, design, implementation, testing, etc) within the context of a certain development approach (e.g. continuous experimentation) or software technology. An introduction to some of the SERG topics are given in our courses.

Software engineering theses often include a combination of implementation of a solution (or an application), and empirical investigations (interviews, focus grops etc) to validate the solution and/or to explore a problem domain. For example, a software engineering thesis can include applying ML models, while the main focus can be to study how software engineers can identify relevant requirements or to investigate what and how to performing testing for ML-based applications. 

If you are interested, please contact us to discuss further, either based on an existing thesis proposal (e.g. from industry) or on your own ideas and interests. Either contact, a person listed below based on your specific interests, or Elizabeth Bjarnason who is the SERG coordinator for thesis work.

Active areas within the SERG group include the following:

Requirements and Business including Software Startups, modern requirements practices such as prototyping

Contacts: Björn Regnell, Elizabeth Bjarnason

Software Testing including methods, tools, and management

Contacts: Per Runeson, Emelie Engström

Open source and data ecosystems including inner source

Contacts: Per Runeson, Alma Orucevic-Alagic

Software Management and Human Aspects including communication, collaboration, digital work environments

Contact: Elizabeth Bjarnason

Development approaches including ML/Dev Ops, Continuous deployment, Continuous experimentation

Contacts: Markus Borg, Per RunesonElizabeth Bjarnason